Who we serve

While fees are low, and some government financial aid is available, the costs of textbooks, tools, and
uniforms, as well as housing and transportation, present a major barrier for students trying to complete
their education. The LATTC Foundation provides financial assistance to qualifying students with
demonstrated hardship.

LATTC has the largest GAIN/CalWorks (welfare-to-work) program among community colleges in
Over 900 students identify themselves as former foster youth.
More than 1,400 students identify as military veterans.
82% of students qualify for reduced tuition due to low income.
Over 1,400 students are enrolled in Trade Tech's disabled students program.
Nearly all 16,000 students are very low-income.
A significant number are challenged with homelessness.
Many are recently emancipated foster youth.
Were formerly incarcerated or have a disability.



43% Identify as Female
57% Identify as Male

Income (Calculated by % of AMI)
59% Low Income
41% Moderate Income

85% Identify as Latino or Hispanic
8% Identify as African American or Black (not of Hispanic origin)
7% Identify as White (not of Hispanic origin)
>1% Identify as Asian (not of Hispanic origin)

Unique Populations
35% Identify as Experiencing Homelessness
8% Identify as Elderly or Senior Citizens
5% Identify as Military or Veterans
4% Identify as LGBT
4% Identify as Disabled
0.31% Identify as Refugees or Immigrants

Domestic Status
25% Married
18% In A Domestic Partnership
25% Single, No Dependents
25% Single, Female Head of Household
7% Single, Male Head of Household