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Donating online is the easiest way to give! 

The LATTC Foundation receives an e-mail confirmation as soon as you complete your donation.
NOTE: You do NOT need a PayPal account to make a donation with a credit card. Step-by-step guide: Online Donation Help

LACCD Employees: Payroll Deductions

Faculty, staff, and administrators invest in our students and are amongst our most generous contributors. Download and complete this form to authorize a monthly payroll deduction to support the LATTC Foundation.

Donate by U.S. Mail
Please do not use FedEx, UPS, or other delivery services. Unfortunately, they will not make it to our campus mailbox. 

To prevent lost checks and to expedite processing, online donations are preferred. Wire transfer and ACH donations are also accepted. 

Payable To: Los Angeles Trade Technical College Foundation

400 W. Washington Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90015-4181

LATTC Foundation Tax ID #: 95-3813527

In-Kind and Material Gifts

The LATTC Foundation accepts only cash donations and accepts corporate donations of specific brand-new tools and equipment for our Tools of the Trade Program. We are unable to process other in-kind or material donations. 

Material gifts, supplies, books and items given for campus or departmental use are made directly to, at the discretion of, and coordinated by the LATTC Administration and Department leadership (http://www.lattc.edu/about/contact). These gifts may not be tax-deductible and will not be received or processed by the Foundation. 


The LATTC Foundation does not accept, process, or acknowledge individual (personal) cash donations for the sole purpose of departmental or faculty expenditure pass throughs. The Foundation cannot direct donations to a donor selected/named individual recipient(s). General or undesignated funds received will be automatically directed to support the programs and operations of the LATTC Foundation.

The LATTC Foundation is bound by strict compliance and ethical guidelines, and does not participate in, support, or condone any activity related to bias, unfairness, collusion, discrimination, or favoritism. Donors and grantors do not receive tangible benefits, preferential treatment, favors, or exceptional access to resources, faculty, students, private information, or vendor contracts. It is inherently understood by a donor that gifts are non-negotiable, nonconditional, and donors may not personally select/name a recipient/recipients of funds, nor mandate or direct the end use of funds given to the Foundation towards vendors, departmental purchasing, or any other out of scope functions.