The Los Angeles Trade Tech College Foundation (LATTCF) is a fiscal agent of corporate grants, project grants, annual scholarship grants, sponsorships, and general donations given to support Foundation programs. 

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The LATTC Foundation is not involved in recipient selection processes and does not issue or distribute checks directly to students. Everything goes through Financial Aid and Office of Student Life. 

Named Scholarships

The Foundation provides indirect funding for scholarships through LATTC Financial Aid. Awards are based on budget and qualifying factors determined using the LATTC Financial Aid funding formula. The Foundation's goal is to support a student’s needs wants and aspirations, so that they can persevere, overcome challenges, and succeed in achieving the skills and certifications needed to attain their professional goals. Below are a few examples of our generous donors. 



The Fred Gives mission is to support the next generation of fashion artists, makers, and designers through education and cultural enrichment. They strive to work with like-minded partners who create opportunities for underserved and historically excluded communities in the greater Los Angeles area. The Fred Gives Scholarship fund at LATTC provides funding to support undergraduates pursuing fashion and design each Spring and Fall semester.

Recipients are selected from the LATTC Financial Aid applicant pool

The Spanish American Institute (SAI) Scholarship Fund's Mission for over a century is helping Hispanic youth “Reach for Their Stars” through education. In 1913, 25 boys of Mexican descent enrolled in a technical school located in Gardena, CA. During the next six decades, more than 2,600 young men were housed, trained, educated, and cared for in a safe, Christian environment. Yearly, SAI provides scholarship funds to six community colleges.

Recipients are selected from the LATTC Financial Aid applicant pool.

The LATTC Foundation is not involved recipient selection processes and does not issue or distribute checks directly to students. To be considered for any scholarships, a student must complete the general, centralized application through LATTC Financial Aid


Named Assistance Funds

Recipients are selected from the LATTC Financial Aid applicant pool.

The Samantha T. Wagner Assistance Fund provides scholarship assistance to students whose needs are unable to be met by other scholarship funds or financial aid, as determined by the College. Funds are provided annually by a donor to honor the memory of their daughter. In life, Samantha delighted in savoring new cuisine and the culinary arts. Her family is sincerely grateful to the nursing community for providing care and comfort in times of need. 

The LATTC Foundation Board of Directors Assistance Fund is provided by annual donations from Foundation Board members to help students who are experiencing hardship and have barriers to receiving traditional scholarship support as determined by the College.

The Karen Amarawansa Emergency Fund provides small dollar emergency monies of up to $300 for students in need, as determined by the College, which can range from basic necessities such as shelter to tuition assistance and technical or educational tools to support their job search.

The LATTC Foundation is not involved recipient selection processes and does not issue or distribute checks directly to students. To be considered, a student must complete the general, centralized application through LATTC Financial Aid

SkillsUSA© Student Competitions

SkillsUSA© is a partnership of students, teachers and industry collaborating to ensure America has a skilled workforce and is designed for student preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations. LATTC students compete in regional, state and national level competitions. Student participation in this competitive program ensures they are receiving academic, leadership, citizenship and character-building instruction, while creating a space for our students to bond and work together as a team.  Students who participate in this program have hands on experience with the value of achievement and become more detailed oriented and competitive. They are in more likely to finish their education and are also exposed to industry and union leaders for hiring opportunities. Whenever possible, the LATTC Foundation provides budgetary support for students to participate in SkillsUSA©

Tools for the Trades

This unique Foundation program provides students an opportunity to be competitive in their respective industries by providing them with necessary tools to perform in their career path. These are awarded in a ceremony and can be a grant for the purchase of tools, or actual tools.  In a typical year, and dependent on funding, the Foundation provides tools to 50-65 students each year.  Over the past 28 years, the LATTC Foundation has given approximately $1.75 million dollars in funding for the Tools of the Trade program.

The Foundation relies on our generous donors in order to provide these resources to our graduating students, and welcomes Corporate In-Kind Sponsors and Individual Donors who can donate either the minimum $500 gift cards from tool and equipment retailers, or new equipment and tools from the Tools of the Trade wish list determined by the pathway departments. These tools can include NEW: professional knife kits for aspiring chefs, professional barbering and beauty kits for cosmetology, industrial sewing machines, welding safety equipment, HVAC equipment, construction equipment, woodworking equipment, and others. 

This much needed support helps get our students off to the right start in their career. 

General Funds

General or undesignated funds received will support the programs and operations of the LATTC Foundation. 

The LATTC Foundation is bound by strict compliance and ethical guidelines, and does not participate in, support, or condone any activity related to bias, unfairness, collusion, discrimination, or favoritism. Donors and grantors do not receive tangible benefits, preferential treatment, favors, or exceptional access to resources, faculty, students, private information, or vendor contracts. It is inherently understood by a donor that gifts are non-negotiable, nonconditional, and donors may not personally select/name a recipient/recipients of funds, nor mandate or direct the end use of funds given to the Foundation towards vendors, departmental purchasing, or any other out of scope functions.